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not sure if photo is correct - please upload anything you might have

http://img247.imagevenue.com/loc373/th_179265677_064089_123_373lo.jpg (http://img247.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=179265677_064089_123_373lo.jpg)

[Links will become clickable for any full stocking movies once uploaded]
AAA Celen Cercasi, Rabbit, 1998 (http://stockingsforum.org/f19/aaa-celen-cercasi-1457.html)
Aphrodisaque alternative title for Aphrodisiaca
The Aphrodisiac alternative title for Aphrodisiaca
Aphrodisiaca 1998, Dir. Leopoldi di Medici
Ass Women 1 1990s, Dir. Rita Cardinale (as Tünde)
The Cat and the Fox alternative title for Il Gatto e la volpe (possibly as Anna Maria)
Il Gatto e la volpe 1997, Dir. Carolyn Monroe (possibly as Anna Maria)
Gefickte in der Antike alternative title for Hercules and Samson in the Land of the Amazons (uncredited, plays an Amazon)
La Gita
Hardcore Hotel alternative title for Hotel Hardcore (as Tunde)
Hercules and Samson in the Land of the Amazons 1998, Dir. Joe d'Amato (uncredited, plays an Amazon)
Hotel Hardcore 1998, Dir. Kovi (as Tunde)
Il Maestro alternative title for Usura (as Susan Besteck or Domitiana Klever)
Perché alle donne piace prenderlo in culo Dir. Canyon Grand (as Mercedes Brown; plays the girl in chain)
Pirate 7 - Sex Club 1998 (2001 for DVD), Dir. Frank Thring
Samson alternative title for Hercules and Samson in the Land of the Amazons (uncredited, plays an Amazon)
Samson in the Amazon's Land alternative title for Hercules and Samson in the Land of the Amazons (uncredited, plays an Amazon)
Sansone ed Ercole nella Terra delle Amazzoni alternative title for Hercules and Samson in the Land of the Amazons (uncredited, plays an Amazon)
Selen Confidential alternative title for A.A.A. Selen cercasi (as Maria)
Sex Club alternative title for Pirate 7 - Sex Club
I Sogni osceni di Valentina c. 1996, Dir. Mario Bianchi as Nicholas Moore
Sweet Baby 1997, Dir. Pierre Woodman
Sweet Lady alternative title for Sweet Baby
Turiste del Sesso Dir. Mike Nelson (as Cristina or Federica)
Usura 1997, Dir. Mario Salieri (as Susan Besteck or Domitiana Klever)
Usura Gallery alternative title for Usura

aka Cynthia, Maria, Mercedes Brown, Tunde, Tünde
b. Hungary, 198?

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with thanks to szalon who started this thread

aka Eva Black

http://img25.imagevenue.com/loc342/th_569523117_OBSESSION_51_Color_Crash_123_342lo.jp g (http://img25.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=569523117_OBSESSION_51_Color_Crash_1 23_342lo.jpg)


edit : blacksilk I see you like to reserve some place for model info…
but there was no thread about Mercedes…Sure she deserves it.

Anyway if you want to re-start the thread with correct "format" please feel free to do + delete this one and re-post my link after the introducing post (or I'll re-post it, nevermind).

03-22-2012, 01:54 AM
I think we're mixing up the blonde and the dark haired Mercedes here szalon?
The dark haired one is a more recent model from lots of Private films, aka Eva Black or Eva Hot. See Eva Hot (http://www.egafd.com/actresses/details.php/id/e00146)
The blonde who appears in the film I posted with Selen was also known as Tünde or Mercedes Brown See Mercedes [2] (http://www.egafd.com/actresses/details.php/id/m00399)

03-23-2012, 06:40 AM
Yep. There are several models called Mercedes. Depends how big you expect your encycopedia to be.
Though I think "mine" is mostly called Mercedes and "yours" called Tunde.
Besides care of the pic of egafd on she's not very recognizable. Tunde usually looks like this (guess you know this scene) :
http://img137.imagevenue.com/loc389/th_482907172_Tunde_123_389lo.jpg (http://img137.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=482907172_Tunde_123_389lo.jpg)

Anyway you may of course adress the name you want to any model. The only thing I advice is not to call the first one here "Eva Hot". I think it's rare she's called like this.
Rather keep Mercedes or take Eva Black which is quite often used too.

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Mercedes in black stockings


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