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Missy Nicole

http://img262.imagevenue.com/loc237/th_68528_MissyNicole1_122_237lo.jpg (http://img262.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=68528_MissyNicole1_122_237lo.jpg) http://img125.imagevenue.com/loc247/th_68524_MissyNicole2_122_247lo.jpg (http://img125.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=68524_MissyNicole2_122_247lo.jpg) http://img111.imagevenue.com/loc391/th_68523_MissyNicole3_122_391lo.jpg (http://img111.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=68523_MissyNicole3_122_391lo.jpg) http://img205.imagevenue.com/loc116/th_68528_MissyNicole4_122_116lo.jpg (http://img205.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=68528_MissyNicole4_122_116lo.jpg) http://img254.imagevenue.com/loc126/th_68531_MissyNicole5_122_126lo.jpg (http://img254.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=68531_MissyNicole5_122_126lo.jpg) http://img289.imagevenue.com/loc144/th_68539_MissyNicole6_122_144lo.jpg (http://img289.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=68539_MissyNicole6_122_144lo.jpg) http://img211.imagevenue.com/loc927/th_68536_MissyNicole7_122_927lo.jpg (http://img211.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=68536_MissyNicole7_122_927lo.jpg) http://img143.imagevenue.com/loc393/th_68545_MissyNicole8_122_393lo.jpg (http://img143.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=68545_MissyNicole8_122_393lo.jpg) http://img288.imagevenue.com/loc230/th_68538_MissyNicole9_122_230lo.jpg (http://img288.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=68538_MissyNicole9_122_230lo.jpg) http://img190.imagevenue.com/loc101/th_68537_MissyNicole10_122_101lo.jpg (http://img190.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=68537_MissyNicole10_122_101lo.jpg)

[Links will become clickable for any full stocking movies once uploaded]
18 Y-O Whores 2006, Dir. Andrew Youngman
3-Way Split 2007, Dir. Viv Thomas
Anal Fever 6 alternative title for Thassit! 6
Asshole Combustion 2007, Dir. David Perry
Baby Footprint 2007, Dir. Andrew Youngman
Daughters of Desire Vol. 1 2007, Dir. Viv Thomas
Daughters of Desire Vol. 2 2008, Dir. Viv Thomas
Deepthroat Frenzy 2 2006
Dressed to Thrill 2007, Dir. Viv Thomas (as Missy Nicol)
Erocity 3 2006
Fist Flush 2 2009, Dir. Clara G.
Fist Flush 8 2011, Dir. Clara G. (as Missy Nicol)
Fist Me Hard 2 2011, Dir. Zoliboy
Foot On Ball Worldcup 2006, Dir. Greg Centauro
Foot On Balls Wordcup alternative title for Foot On Ball Worldcup
Footsie Babes 1 2006, Dir. Andrew Youngman
Frango & Gash in Pussy Ride 2008 for DVD, Dir. David Phillip Blake
Frango and Gash alternative title for Frango & Gash in Pussy Ride
Fun With Toys & Boys 5 2010
Girl on Girl 3 2007, Dir. Viv Thomas
Göre Nr. 2
Die Hochzeits Fotze Dir. JC & WOM (as?)
It's A Young Girls Thing 5 2007
Leg Addict 2006
Members Only Vol. 2 2008, Dir. Viv Thomas
Nique/Putes 2007, Dir. Greg Centauro
Oh Boy! That's A Big Toy! 7 2007
Pigtail Puppets 3
Point of View 2 Dir. Greg Centauro
Popped Cherries 5 2010
Private Sex Auditions 6: Rose 2008, Dir. Toni Ribas
Pussy Ride alternative title for Frango & Gash in Pussy Ride
Racket 2006
Saranno Famose 13
Sex Auditions 6 alternative title for Private Sex Auditions 6: Rose
Sex with Sophie Moone 2006, Dir. Viv Thomas
Swallow the Cum 1 2006, Dir. Andrew Youngman
Tempter 4 2006, Dir. Andrew Youngman
Thassit! 6 2006, Dir. Andrew Youngman and Frank Major
Thassit! 8 2006, Dir. Andrew Youngman and Frank Major
Touou Jogakuen 2006
Venus In Love, ATV, 2012 (http://stockingsforum.org/f19/venus-love-%5Batv%5D-4954.html)

Missy Nicole
aka Missy Nicol, Missy, Anita, Miss Nicole, Karla
b. Hungary, 1987

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Missy Nicole stocking threesome
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