View Full Version : Some delightful babes in your favourite vintage nylons!

11-15-2013, 12:20 PM
Jay - All dressed up by aunty!

http://vintageflash.com/jay-all-dressed-up-by&898_8.jpg (www.vintageflash.com/index.php/)
http://vintageflash.com/jay-all-dressed-up-by&898_6.jpg (www.vintageflash.com/index.php/)

Lucky Jay, having an Aunty who will let her try out all her sexy vintage and retro doings! Jay loves it, her buxom figure made for a shapely hour glass silhouette! She gets very wet and excited indeed!

Anna Joy - Dress Dilemma!

http://vintageflash.com/anna-joy-dress-dilema-&897_8.jpg (www.vintageflash.com/index.php/)
http://vintageflash.com/anna-joy-dress-dilema-&897_6.jpg (www.vintageflash.com/index.php/)

She thinks you are the innocent vicars son, and never seen stocking tops, sheer black panties or heaven forbid a juicy wet shaven pussy...let her think that and enjoy her teasing!

Emma Louise - Nylonic impressions!

http://vintageflash.com/emma-louise-nylonic-impressions-&896_8.jpg (http://vintageflash.com/emma-louise-nylonic-impressions-&896_8.jpg)
http://vintageflash.com/emma-louise-nylonic-impressions-&896_6.jpg (http://vintageflash.com/emma-louise-nylonic-impressions-&896_8.jpg)

Come and join Emma, in her first scene here. She is not shy and ready to make a nylonic impression with you. A hot MILF is hard to resist, so why even try! Enjoy her and her sexy play in vintage nylons!