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11-20-2011, 04:57 PM
Carly Sparks


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All Puffed Up
Bob's Video 148: Anything You Want
Bob's Video 149: Rebecca's Pantyhose
Bob's Video 150: Blue Heels on the Table, B*b's Video (http://stockingsforum.org/f19/b%2Abs-video-blue-heels-table-781.html)
Bob's Video 151: Bob's Hardworking Secs 1: Temptress Tantrums
Bob's Video 152: Pantyhosed Tales
Bob's Video 155: Sopping Wet
Boiling Point
Carly Sparks Interview And Blowjob Show
Carly's Struggle In Bondage
Close To Carly
Glamour Smoke
Hot Fetish Twists
Hot Smokey Mouths 1
House of Legs 13: Classic Lady Antiques
House of Legs 15: Silky Style Sampler
Hungry For Your Lash
Images In Smoke
Mistress of the Whip 7
Naked City
New York Taxi Tales 3
New York Uncovered 4
Over The Knee 8
PPV-579: Chrissy Sparks Pantyhose
Shannon's Secret Sessions
Smothering Bitches 10
Smothering Bitches 16
Smothering Bitches 4
Southern Blowjob Belles
Stephanie's Struggle In Bondage
Toe Tales 71
Toe Tales 75
Toe Tales 78: The Finest Hour 12
Unlucky Guy
X-Rated Teasers

Carly Sparks
Carly Splaine
b. USA, 1972