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    Now accepting requests - Please read the rules first!

    Place requests for any stocking related scenes, pictures or particular models in this section. Any member should feel free to answer where they can. Contributions are to be encouraged!

    (1) Upload any fulfilled requests into the appropriate model's page in the AtoZ section. Ask an Admin to create a page if there isn't one already.
    (2) Please request only particular scenes or picture sets, doing your best to identify them OR alternatively you may request "anything you have" of a particular model. DO NOT REQUEST FULL FILMS. PLEASE ONLY UPLOAD SCENES WITH YOUR OWN LINKS - DO NOT STEAL LINKS FROM OTHER BOARDS.
    (3) In any event follow the General Rules as to content, file and picture hosts and etiquette, set out in the Welcome Section.
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    Fullyf Re: Now accepting requests - Please read the rules first!

    Does anybody have any Office Erotic or Office Fantasy 1 or 2 sets.
    I would specifically like to see the Mary Jane sets.

    Anything would be greatly appreciated.
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